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Spring Rock n Roll Salad

Photo by Lyndsey Adamo

Photo by Lyndsey Adamo

This awesome recipe comes to us from Andi Davis, a children's cooking teacher!

Author's Note: Take a Spring Roll to the next level by unfolding its goodness into a big salad bowl. Identify the crunchy and the soft ingredients when preparing and eating with your children. Cup your hands over your ears to listen to the crunchy music inside your mouth! 



  • Cabbage: tear into pieces or remove leaves from core and slice into strips
  • Carrots: using a peeler, create ribbons
  • Snap peas: leave whole or slice at an angle
  • Cucumbers: peel every other section of the outside peel to create stripes; slice into rounds
  • Black and white sesame seeds: sprinkle from high above


  • Egg: medium boil, peel, then soak in soy sauce and water mixture until ready to eat
  • Rice: can be day old or fresh, season with sesame oil and rice vinegar
  • Avocado: slice into strips or dice


  • Oil: olive oil or sesame oil

  • Acid: lime juice and/or rice wine vinegar

  • Salt: salt or soy sauce

  • Sweet: honey or maple syrup

  • Punch of Flavor: mint or cilantro


  1. Using your kids helping hands, get to making the salad! In a mixing bowl, layer a bit of dressing, all the rice, more dressing, the crunchy veggies (cabbage, cucumbers, snap peas, carrots), and then some more dressing. Toss these ingredients together until coated. Taste and add more dressing if desired.
  2. When ready to plate and serve, place the egg and avocado on top and finish with a sprinkle of black and white sesame seeds for color and crunch. 
  3. For the dressing, add several glugs of oil, your acid of choice (half as much as the oil), 2 pinches of salt, a spoonful of sweet, and a fistful of your punch of flavor (whole or chopped herbs)!

Recipe Notes

For salad dressings, follow the “1:2 ratio” of acid to oil to make your salads that much more tangy and vibrant. By creating the dressing in a clear, lidded jar, you can easily check out the acid to oil ratio. It gives kiddos a nice grip to shake, shake, shake; and it's the perfect vessel for storing in the fridge for future salads!