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Fried Cherry Tomatoes

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photo and recipe from



1. Arrange three separate small bowls in a row. Add flour to the first bowl. Make an egg wash in the second bowl with the egg and milk. Add both breadcrumbs to the third bowl.

2. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Add oil to a small skillet, heating over medium heat. Dredge the tomatoes in flour.Transfer tomato to egg wash bowl and toss until covered.

3. Move to breadcrumb bowl and cover tomato with breadcrumbs. Set aside and repeat until all tomatoes are coated. In batches, add tomatoes to the skillet, lightly browning on all sides. Continue until all tomatoes are fried. Drizzle with ranch dressing

2 cups Imperfect cherry tomatoes

½ cup flour

1 egg

2 teaspoons milk

½ cup Italian breadcrumbs

¼ cup Panko breadcrumbs

½ cup vegetable oil

Ranch for drizzle